Saturday 10 September 2022


To celebrate the upcoming release of Crescent Moon, Mourning Son by Byron Fortin, all other books in the series are FREE this weekend!

We are also giving away 100 copies of Crescent Moon, Mourning Son on Goodreads. Enter today!

Nature's War Rages...

With the secrets revealed, lines are drawn deep into the Earth, tearing it apart in the Great Mother's absence. A bloodsoaked rain falls as the dead walk the streets with unimaginable monsters in their midst. Reality itself is split by the choices made, and the consequences may strip away what sanity remains.

The Apocalypse has come and Ambrosia stands face to face with a Celestial… a familiar darkness drawn from the shadows, so formidable now that the Numani—those guardians of the light meant to be our protectors—are frightened. We all should be.

*Giveaway ends Sept22/22. For US residents only.

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