Saturday 7 August 2021

Book 5 is Finished

Book 5 of my Dark Fantasy epic Worlds Beyond Scripture is finished and being primed for release! To help celebrate I'll be running a number of promotions as counting down the days. There will be a cover reveal coming up and also a potential book signing (pandemic permitting). Please subscribe to join in the fun! 


On a dark night, down a dark street, she travels alone. Her footsteps fall hard off a dead air as she turns along the alleyway. Heels in motion, she pulls her coat closed around her to shield away a chill rain on this unseasonably cold, September night.

The woman stops suddenly and looks around, thinking she has heard something. Yet nothing is there to be found; just a wild imagination running away with her.

She turns back around and he’s there, standing right in front of her.

She shudders. Yet, a glance of his uniform is all that it takes to tell her she has nothing to dread.

A raise of her head allows that eyes meet. Now face to face, caught in the icy grip of a solemn stare.

It all happens in an instant.

He moves on her faster than human sight might see. There is no struggling. In her mind she’s still locked into his gaze, long watching him as caught in this moment, and unable a look away…

It’s better this way.

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