Wednesday 12 April 2017

Putting Books in Store

Chapters Indigo has chosen to put my books on the shelves! Starting today you can find my first three titles in store at the Bayers Lake location (188 Chain Lake Drive, Halifax, Nova Scotia).

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Author name: Byron Fortin
Series: Worlds Beyond
Found in: Fiction/Local Interest
Genre: Adult Contemporary Fantasy
Book 1: Through the Psyche if Ambrosia Part I
Book 2: Through the Psyche if Ambrosia Part II
Book 3: Two if by Dark Reverie Part I

This will be on a trial basis… should it generate enough buzz, it will become a staple.
To celebrate this milestone, I plan to personally donate part of the proceeds from every book sold at the Bayers Lake Chapters to Feed Nova Scotia. I can’t do it without your help though, so please spread the word!

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