Thursday 29 October 2015

Book I

Book 1 Intro:

Meet Ambrosia as he is invited by a wealthy philanthropist to leave behind his life of general obscurity, safely sheltered from society, to enter a world of intriguing characters in the big city of Hartland. He’s not ready for what lies ahead though, and this adventure is just beginning to heat up…. He will soon meet a set of twins, throwing him into a love triangle he cannot possibly understand.  But if he only knew what was to come, he may have never stepped onto that plane. He becomes terrorized in a dream so seemingly real his mind cannot seem to let go of it, and is plagued by disturbing images of infatuation from another time. Afraid he is spiralling into madness, Ambrosia seeks out the help of those around him. Yet he has no idea what he is about to uncover. There may be more mystery and magic in his new home than he ever cares to admit.

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